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Evil Unmasked: A Detective Sampson psychological thriller – Digital


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Publication Date: Pre-order delivered on May 21, 2024

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A cunning killer, elusive and untraceable. A relentless detective, consistently outmaneuvered. The stakes are higher than ever before.

Haunted by personal demons because of the victims he couldn’t save, Detective Carl Sampson finds himself sinking deeper into the darkness of his past failures. The weight of those lives lost gnaws at his soul, pushing him to the edge of his sanity. Unable to find solace within the department, he takes a clandestine step outside the boundaries, seeking assistance from an unexpected source – FBI Special Agent Donatella Dabria, an acquaintance with her own enigmatic history.

As the case unfolds, it becomes apparent that the killer they’re pursuing is no ordinary criminal. He thrives on the blurred lines between fiction and reality, weaving his twisted narrative into the very fabric of the city. Each step he takes drives him further away from the man who once sought to protect his daughter, morphing him into the embodiment of the evilness he once despised. Unconstrained by fear or morality, the killer embarks on a chilling hunt, a deadly game of cat and mouse where he seeks out a worthy prey to prove his supremacy as the apex predator.

The stakes reach a crescendo when the killer orchestrates a sinister chain of events, leaving Sampson and Donatella ensnared in his malevolent trap. Survival seems almost impossible, with only faint hope for one of them to live.

As the clock ticks and the tension escalates, Detective Sampson and Special Agent Dabria find themselves entangled in a perilous game of chess, with the killer pulling the strings. Each move brings them closer to the heart of darkness, and the line between hunter and hunted blurred until they no longer know who was pursuing whom.

Evil Unmasked is the third installment of the gripping Detective Sampson Series. Demetrius Jackson delivers a nail-biting psychological thriller that challenges the resilience of law enforcement. As the line between good and evil blurs, will Detective Sampson and Donatella emerge as victors in this deadly game of chess, or will they be mere pawns in the killer’s malevolent machinations?

Buy Evil Unmasked today and prepare yourself for an electrifying ride where the boundaries between darkness and light are forever blurred!


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