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Hour of Reckoning


With time precariously slipping away, you must decide, who lives – who dies

Newly appointed detective Carl Sampson has been dispatched to the scene of a single victim home invasion murder. A murder he is convinced is the work of the victim’s secret, married, lover. However, FBI Special Agent Donatella Dabria is confident this is not the case.

A familiar adversary of Agent Dabria, has hatched a plot to bring down the vaunted agent while creating as much collateral damage as possible. Dabria must wade through the seemingly unconnected crimes to determine the ultimate end game and thwart the plot before all hope is lost.

The second entry in the series by author Demetrius Jackson Hour of Reckoning is a gripping ride against time and the effects of decisions made.  It combines the problem-solving prowess of Pendergast and the relentless determination of Mitch Rapp. Fans of Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child, Vince Flynn, and Lee Child look no further for your next suspense/thriller novel.

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