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Driftwood Springs


When everything has already been taken from you, The Syndicate finds one last thing.

Driftwood Springs, an affluent gated community in the suburbs of Charlotte, North Carolina, is perfect for raising a family. That is, until children within the community begin to disappear.

The disappearance of Thomas Grant, son of tech billionaire Douglas Grant, is the catalyst that unravels the deeply embedded secrets within the Driftwood Springs community. The motive behind the disappearances are unclear; however, FBI Special Agent Donatella Dabria believes they are simply window dressing behind a more sinister plot. Faced with the mounting abductions SA Dabria must home in on relevant data while dispassionately ignoring the remainder. In this perilous race against time, Dabria must rescue the child she swore to protect. Can she succeed or will she need to exchange her life for theirs?

The first in a new series by mystery author Demetrius Jackson, Driftwood Springs combines the problem-solving prowess of Pendergast and the relentless determination of Mitch Rapp. If you like a well written, page turner with timely twists, then you’ll love Demetrius Jackson’s whodunit thriller.

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