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Meet Demetrius

As a young boy, Demetrius was a vivacious reader of the “choose your own adventure” books. This allowed him to control the story, allowing the tale to evolve as he imagined. Known for his vast imagination and love of storytelling since a child, Demetrius wrote sporadically throughout college, but it wasn’t until recently that he has fallen in love with the craft again.

In March 2020 he released his first full-length mystery/ suspense novel, Driftwood Springs, the first in the Donatella Series. In August he followed up with Hour of Reckoning, a fast-paced thriller. The third book in the series, Annihilation, released in April 2021.

When he isn’t writing or working full-time, he enjoys making up stories for his two young children, and spending time with his amazing wife.

Demetrius is a native of Dayton, Ohio, and holds an undergraduate degree in Computer Science Engineering from The Ohio State University and an MBA from Capital University.

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